For three decades the Keystone Alley has continually evolved, from its start as a small coffee shop into the popular casual fine dining restaurant that you see today. The Keystone Alley was named after the well-known Keystone Bakery located on these premises earlier. The ‘alley‘ in the current name describes the area adjacent to the restaurant used for patio dining in the summer months. 




Simon also adds diversity to the Keystone team as he was born and raised in Scotland.  In 2009, he became a student at the Stratford Chef School and is now able to pass on his knowledge as he is a teacher at the school in the winter months.  Simon is very familiar with the Stratford culinary scene as has been working in town since 2010 in restaurants such as Rundles, Bijou and Mercer Hall.  He enjoys cooking over fire and with Mexican flavours.  Simon makes the best sour dough bread your taste buds will experience and is a well versed pastry chef but has decided to get back on to the line.  Outside of the Keystone, he loves to exercise and garden and has taken on the Keystone patio garden producing some fabulous bounty used in the restaurant.



Luke joined the Keystone Alley in October of 2016. He worked in Toronto for many years in the service industry, both for corporate and privately owned restaurants. He has worked in all levels of management and service. He and his partner, Gillian, moved to Stratford in 2016, to be closer to family and to pursue their careers outside of Toronto. Luke brings with him a love of service and providing a superior guest experience.  He has fallen in love with Stratford and is a proud member of the Keystone Alley family. He looks forward to serving you soon! 



Kyle comes from a sales and mechanical engineering background, but came across brewing 6 years ago. After countless hours and gallons of beer, learning different techniques and making some pretty awful beers, he has finally figured out his own methods of madness to his beer recipes.  While enjoying many styles of beer, his favorite is traditional Farmhouse and Saisons that have unique characteristics to them. You will see many alliterations of the Saison style coming through the restaurant while he experiments with different adjuncts, hops and yeast (some including Brettanomyces). When not on the road or in the brewhouse, Kyle takes great passion in everything outdoor sports related. From kayaking, running to mountain biking, he always uses his free time to enjoy the adventure of life outdoors while enjoying good beer.



Anthony is a native of South Africa, and is a trained chef with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry in both Africa and Canada.   While working in Zambia as the manager of a hotel/restaurant he met Kimberly, his future wife, which brought him to Canada (after a very long story of adventures and stress!).  He has worked in South Africa, Zambia, Vancouver and Nunavut and looks forward to using his vast array of knowledge to enhance your dining experience at the Keystone Alley. ​



Kimberly was born and raised in Stratford, Ontario.  She is a Doctor of Audiology and a mother of three children, so she is a master at multi-tasking! She is passionate about good food and looks forward to sharing it with new and old friends and family.  She will be working in the front of house when grandma and grandpa can take over, and looks forward to seeing you enjoying our chef’s creations!


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